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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who guides the rides?
Answer: Elaine, Aldo, Jeff and Gabe are the guides, being there to help with everything from choosing restaurants, to guiding the rides.

Q: How large will the groups be?
A: Our groups will be no more than 8 guests. Smaller groups are just more fun!

Q: What about our meals?
A: Breakfast: Breakfast at the hotel typically includes different types of cereals, granola, juices, breads, embutidos (sausage), cold cuts, pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, cheese, eggs and yes, even bacon!.

Lunch: Here's where we go a bit astray of the Catalan experience. We'll be having our lunches at a popular local sidewalk cafe called McKiernan's Irish Pub directly after our ride. We find that with that post-ride hunger, having more familiar options works quite well. Besides, the beer there is great! Post ride lunches are included in the tour price.

Dinner: The tour includes a welcoming group dinner. On other days, you will be free to explore many great restaurants all of which are within walking distance from your hotel. We have eaten in many of them and can provide you with some personal recommendations. As a note, Gabe is a vegetarian and he has no problem finding fare to eat in Spain. That said, it's much harder to be a vegan in most restaurants though Gabe can recommend a very good vegan restaurant in the city.

Interestingly, the local El Celler de Can Roca was recently named one of La Liste’s Top 10 Restaurants in the World!

Q: What's included in the tour price?
A: Hotel accommodations, all breakfasts, post-ride lunches, guides, 1 dinner.

Q: What’s not included in the tour price?
A: Some of the items not included are: alcoholic beverages, personal purchases, phone calls, optional activities, airfare and insurance.

Q: How long will we be riding each day?
A: In general, the schedule will be similar to Ride Noho in Northampton except that we will start a bit later each day. In fact, everything happens later around Girona, including restaurants opening and people eating.

Q: What should my fitness level be for this tour?
A: You should be at a fitness level to be able to enjoy rides as described on our Trip Itinerary page . You should also be aware that the climbing around Girona is unlike western Massachusetts in that the climbs tend to be more gradual with average grades of approximately 5%, it's hard to find a route with multiple climbs of very steep grades.

Q: Is there a refund if I need to cancel?
A: Cancellations are subject to the following fees:

  • Prior to July 1st - $500.00
  • After July 1st but before August 15th - 50% of trip cost.
  • After August 15th - 100% of trip cost.
If we are forced to cancel, you will be refunded 100% of the amount that you have paid us to that point but we will not be responsible for any other costs that you have incurred in relation to the trip.

Q: If I don't want to ride every day, are there other things to do?
A: Since we are fixed based, you can decide not to ride on a day the group is riding. There are plenty of fun things to do should you decide not to ride.

You can stay in Girona, and treat yourself to a spa day at the Hotel Ciutat de Girona. If you feel like venturing out there are plenty of things to do within day-trip distance as outlined on our Exploring Spain page.

Q: What will the weather be like?
A: Girona enjoys wonderful Mediterranean weather with high annual temperatures, plenty of sun, and little rainfall. You should expect daytime temperatures to generally hover in the low 80s.

Q: What is the Spanish currency?
A: Spain is part of the Euro which makes exchange quite simple.

Q: What are the ATMs like in Spain?
A: They are very similar to ATMs you would find in the U.S. and all have English language options. The currency exchange occurs automatically and the transaction will appear in US Dollars on your bank statement. Prior to your departure from the U.S., be sure to notify your bank that you will be traveling in Spain to avoid any potential issues with the use of your debit card.

Q: What do we do with our laundry?
A: The hotel offers laundry service. Also, some items lend themselves to being washed in the basin in your room.

Q: What equipment/clothes should we bring?
A: You may want to bring your bike, or we can help you with a local bike rental. As for clothing, including cycling gear, you should plan to dress as you would here in the Northeast.

Q: Is it advisable to arrive a day or two earlier than the scheduled tour?
A: Absolutely! Our experience is that those cyclists who arrive a day or two early enjoy their first day of riding to its fullest. An early arrival will not only help your internal biological rhythm to sync up with your new destination it will give you an opportunity to explore more of what Spain has to offer, which is plenty! For example, you may want to arrive in Barcelona a day or two early and explore this wonderful city or feel free to call us if you would like some suggestions.

Beautiful sea side.

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