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Ride Noho in Girona

September 10 through 16, 2017

Activity Level

Just as in Northampton, we'll be offering A and B rides in Girona ranging in length from approximately 40 to 70 miles:

"A" rides are for stronger riders who can easily handle 18-20 mph on the flats, and who enjoy rides with multiple climbs. These may total as much as 5000 vertical feet per ride, so comfortable gearing is recommended.

"B" rides are for riders who can maintain 15-17 mph on the flats and enjoy multiple climbs totaling up to 3500 vertical feet per ride, so compact or "triple" gearing is recommended. Although climbs may be included, the pace for these will be moderate.

You should also be aware that the climbing around Girona is unlike western Massachusetts in that the climbs tend to be more gradual with average grades of approximately 5%. It's hard to find a route with multiple climbs of very steep grades.

This is a working itinerary of our planned rides in the Girona Region. While we have planned this itinerary with specific rides in mind, there are many route options and we will ultimately make our ride selection as weather and cycling abilities permit. Our goal is for you to have a fun and unique European riding experience.

Day 1 (September 10, 2017): Arrive in Girona

We will greet you at Hotel Ciutat de Girona and give you the lay of the land. The group will meet later that evening for a welcome/orientation dinner where we will get to know one another, talk about the activities ahead of us and answer any questions you might have.

At night
Girona at night.

Day 2: Warm-up Ride
A great way to prepare your legs for a week of spectacular riding.

The B ride is a loops over the hills and through the dales west of Girona and includes a coffee stop at a picturesque café near Canet d’Adri. We’ll ride through farms and over twisty climbs as we get to know each other and get a feel for the wonderful riding we’ll experience this week.

The A ride option adds roughly 5 miles and 500 feet of climbing for those with a bit more energy.

The A ride climbs approximately 2,800 feet over 43 miles.

The B ride has an elevation gain of 2,300 feet over 38 miles.

To Baregg
A Medieval Castle

Day 3: Sant Hilari
One of the best known training rides in the area

The route to Sant Hilari features 25k of climbing at an average of 5% along a beautiful winding river gorge. Settle in and find your rhythm during the climb until we reach the village of Sant Hilari Sacalm at 900m. We will stop in a cafe for coffee and perhaps some lunch before we begin our descent back to Girona.

The B Ride wil split off at Osor where it will descend the winding road to El Mas Llunes before heading back to Girona.

The A ride climbs 5,400 ft and covers 69 miles.

The B ride will climb 2,500 feet over its 47 miles.

Sant Hilari
On the way to Sant Hilari

Day 4: Rocacorba and Lake Banyoles
With the opportunity to do one of the toughest climbs in the area

For those who really want to challenge themselves, the Rocacorba is a long hard climb on a quiet country road with outstanding views at the top. This is a road that the professionals love to train on. You will need to pace yourself because the last 5k is over 10%. From there we will ride over to Lake Banyoles for a much needed coffee stop before returning to Girona.

The B Ride option will exclude the climb to Rocacorba with our sole destination being Lake Banyoles.

The A ride climbs 4,600 ft over 55 miles.

The B ride climbs 1,800 feet over 35 miles.

Ruins from the past

Day 5: Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava
Striking views of the Mediterranean

We will ride together along rolling country roads until we reach Llagostera. At this point our group will split before we head to the coast with the A Riders tackling the 10k climb over Sant Grau. This group will then follow the undulating coast road to our destination, the beach town of Tossa de Mar.

B Riders will take a more direct route to Tossa with less climbing but with the same end result, beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean. At Tossa we will stop for coffee and perhaps a sandwich, refill our bottles and take our return route back to Girona.

The A ride has 4,100 feet of elevation gain over a distance of 59 miles.

The B ride gains roughly 3,200 feet over 54 miles.

The beautiful Mediterranean Sea

Day 6: Coffee in Monells
History and natural beauty

Today we all ride the same route through the gorgeous Catalan countryside on small roads through farms and historic villages. Our coffee stop is at a little cafe in the square of the ancient town of Monells. On our breathtaking ride home we include a climb to nearly 1200 feet of elevation past historic churches and castles. This ride covers 48 miles and includes 2,500 feet of climbing.

The route climbs 2,500 feetover approximately 48 miles.

The square in Monells

Day 7 (September 16, 2017): Departure Day

After a final breakfast together, we'll say good-bye to Girona.

See you next year!

Ride Noho, Inc., 413-586-6013

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