How a Home Owner Can Determine Which Type Of Hardwood Flooring Product Is the Right Choice

Home owners have a lot of options to consider when choosing a flooring product.  The flooring products range from vinyl, tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood and many other types of flooring products.  A home owner needs to pick a specific type of flooring for the project they are doing.  When deciding which flooring product to install a home owner needs to look at the area and decide what is the best product to install. Home owners need decide on what flooring is the best use for that area.


When deciding on the type of flooring for the basement.  There are a lot of options to look at.  Does the room have a door to the outside, is the basement enclosed or have a bed room.   Depending on the area a home owner will have different options to choose from.  These options will range from carpet, tile, hard wood flooring and engineered flooring.  Since each project is different, the home owners will need to go through all the options that are available.


Depending on the size of the bed room, the home owner can install different types of flooring products.  When installing flooring in a bed room, a product that makes the room warm and inviting is always a good product to use.  When picking flooring, the type of flooring may depend on how much light is in the room and the size of the room. More light makes the room feel bigger and warmer. Lighter flooring products make the room bigger while a darker flooring product tend to make the room closed off.  With the abundance of products to select form, the home owners will have may options to choose from.


When picking a bathroom flooring it is always good to pick a flooring that is durable and moisture proof.  Tiles and engineered flooring products are usually the best options to use.   They are durable and scratch resistant while providing a moisture barrier to protect against moisture.. Picking the right product is a must since the bathroom is one of the rooms that gets used the most. Picking a product that is durable will make the room last for years while protect the home from moisture.


Kitchen flooring is one of the most difficult floors to pick.  A true hardwood flooring can make the kitchen.  Hardwoods are not always scratch resistant and may need refinishing over the years.  With the new engineered hardwood flooring products available, home owners have more options to choose from.  The Engineered products have the same look and feel as true hardwoods.   Engineered flooring is a way that can provide a durable surface while looking like hardwood.

High traffic areas

When picking a flooring product that is for a high traffic area, the home owner will need to look at products that are engineered for those areas.  Engineered flooring is always a good way to go when picking a flooring for a high traffic area.  Hardwoods are also a good choice and the home owners will need to make sure since some hardwoods are not scratch resistant. Make sure to see if hardwoods are the best choice to go with if the high traffic area is used a lot.

Hardwood Flooring Advantages:

  • Hardwood is a more preferred surface
  • Improves the home’s value
  • Can last for years if taken care of
  • Warmer
  • Makes the home look larger

Hardwood Flooring Disadvantages:

  • Hardwood can scratch
  • Hardwood will need to be refinished.
  • Hardwood does not hold up to water

Engineered Flooring Advantages:

  • Scratch poof
  • Waterproof
  • Can be installed almost anywhere including moist areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Engineered Flooring Disadvantage:

  • Installation may be more expensive
  • May become dated over time
  • Is prone to cracks or chips.
  • Slippery when wet

Today homeowners have so many different choices for flooring options. With the increase in flooring options it is becoming more difficult to decide which products to choose from.    Picking the right flooring installation company is always a good decision.  Finding the right hardwood flooring Kansas City flooring company is a simple decision when you decide to contact flipKC Flooring.  Call flipKC Flooring with any flooring questions related to hardwood, vinyl, engineered, and carpet questions.

The Things That A Home Owner needs To Know When Planning a Residential Exterior Painting Project

When a home owner needs to paint the exterior of the house, they can follow simple steps for the exterior painting.  They will need to prepare the exterior surface to ensure the new paint will adhere to the surface and make sure that the new paint looks good for years to come.  Preparing the surface will make sure the paint lasts and protects the exterior of the home for years.

FlipKC Painters follow a step by step process to make sure that the each exterior painting job meets requirement to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied.  The exterior painting process is outlined below.

Power washing – Our painters will require the exterior siding to be clean.  The painter’s will power wash the exterior of the home removing any dirt and dust from the surface.  This is an important step that will make the new paint finish last for years.

Masking – Any window or trim that is not painted will be masked.  This step is a tedious process that takes time.  This step is an important step to make sure paint lines are straight.

Foundation  –  If the foundation needs painted, there is a special Dry lock that will water proof the foundation.  This dry lock will prevent peeling if the surface ever gets wet.

Scraping – This will need to be preformed if there is any paint that is left over after power washing is completed.

Caulking –  Caulking will be completed on areas such as windows and doors.

Primer  – Depending on the surface, the exterior will be primed with a primer to protect the exposed areas of the home that were either scraped or power washed. The exposed surfaces that are exposed need a protective primer coating to protect the area from moisture.

Painting  – Painting will be sprayed horizontally and vertically to ensure that the surface gets a full coat of paint. The trim will be sprayed evenly to ensure that the coat of paint looks good.  Garage doors and entry doors will be sprayed with a smooth finish to make sure that the finish looks good and protects the doors.

Cleanup – The painting crew will make sure to cleanup any items that were left behind. They will cleanup any masking, verify that the paint has no chips and remove any items that were used during painting.

Final Inspection – The final inspection will be completed by the customer and the lead painter. They will make sure that the job was completed to the flipKC Painter standards. Any outstanding items that are found during the final inspection will be fixed and completed.

If you are in need of painting Kansas City services, you can contact flipKC Painters to setup a time for a free no obligation estimate at 816-608-6807.


How To Determine If You Have Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Bites on back [/caption]Many times the symptoms of bed bugs may go unnoticed for a short time and are often noticed several days to a week later. A bed bug is a parasite and they travel in groups, living off of human blood and animal blood such as dogs, cats and other pets. Bed bugs tend to live in bedrooms and areas related to sleeping.   They tend to also live behind bed boards and areas that are hidden for our sight.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs

  • the bites may look like other incest bites such as fleas, chiggers and mosquitos
  • the bite are red in color, raised red dots and cause the area to be inflamed
  • the bites will cause the area to be very itchy
  • they appear in a line or circular cluster
  • red dots will often show up on the irritated area during sleep
  • Bed bugs may cause trouble sleeping, skin irritation and an uncomfortable feeling
  • tingling or numbness may occur for some patients.
  • more serious causes can result in nausea or vomiting, fever and difficulty breathing.

Many times the symptoms will be different from patient to patient.  Many  times patients only realize that they have bed bugs when the see evidence of them around beds and mattresses. When a bed bug bites it will release a toxic that will numb the skin. Patients rarely feel the bite and only realize that they have been bitten days later.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs with out chemicals. An exterminator will use Heat treatment  equipment to remove Bed bugs. The equipment required to eliminate the bed bugs requires the exterminator to heat the entire room to be in excess of 140 degrees. The temperatures in the walls, mattresses and other enclosed areas will be in excess of 135 degrees for a period of 3 to 4 hours.  Any items that ae sensitive to heat should be removed and from the room during the time of the treatment. Once the treatment is completed that room can be used as soon as the room cools down to a normal temperature. Using heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs is one of the safest ways with out the use of insecticides.

Insecticide Treatments

Insecticide treatments must be conducted by a licensed technician.  The use of insecticides can be a very effective way of controlling bed bugs.  Using insecticides is a fast way to eliminate bed bugs.  A residual insecticide for in door use is used on furniture, cracks and areas where bed bugs reside. Other options for treatment may be freezing infested items, steam applications and heat treatment.  Follow up applications may be need for treatments of infected areas when using a Insecticide treatment.

Qualified Exterminator

Searching for a qualified exterminator is a task home owners should take there time researching the right exterminator. Make sure to take your time researching the local exterminator and the types of service they provide for eliminating bed bugs. Depending on the options and reviews the exterminators provide will help you decide which path to go when deciding to use either heat treatment or an insecticide treatment. Each treatment is different and homeowners need to ensure that they under stand the differences in the types of service.

If you are looking for a quality exterminator or a bed bugs exterminator Omaha area, contact PestBusters at 402-210-1221.

The Things That Home Sellers Need to Keep in Mind When Selling a Home

Today property owners have a lot of options to choose from when selling a home.  They have the normal options like using a Real Estate Agent to sell a home to looking online and finding a company that can buy their home right out.  Each process is a little different but the end goal is the same.

cash offer

Here are a few ways that sellers can sell their home quickly.  If the market is a hot market buyers have options to sell their home quickly and for more profits.  Seller can use a Real Estate Agent, Investment companies, and even sell the home as a FSBO (For sale by owner) .  Reviewing the different options will allow sellers to see the types of options they have when selling a home.

Using a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Brokers are the most common way to sell a home.  Buyers and Sellers use Real Estate Agents to complete sale and purchase of a home.  Using a qualified Broker can make the transaction go smoothly.   Brokers are a tool that sellers use to guide the sale of the home and make sure that no issues arise during the selling process. Brokers can provide a fair market value for the home and even give the seller ideas on what to do to increase the value of the home.  The broker has tools to help determine the market value of the home and tools like the MLS to list the home quickly. The broke will also complete the necessary contracts and setup title and escrow for the seller.  Brokers can provide guidance when there are issues. Having a good Broker on your team is always a way to make sure that the sale goes smoothly which usually takes 30 to 45 days depending on financing. Using a Broker can always maximize the profits of the home even though the seller related costs may be higher.

Investment Companies

Investment companies are businesses that can provide sellers quick closings and the cash that the seller needs fast.  Using an investment company is something sellers need to look at depending on the situation.  If a seller is in a rush to sell the home, using an investment company may be an option for the seller. Investment companies provide an up front price of the home and can even close in as little as 10 days depending on the conditions. Investment companies can be an option if the seller is going through a divorce, the home is an estate home, and the home has an issues or property issues like foundation problems.  If a seller uses an investment company the seller will be selling the home at a discounted price due to the situation of the owner. Using a good qualified investment company can provide the seller piece of mind when selling. If a seller wants to sell house fast in Kansas City and is looking for a home Cash Buying Program buyer, a qualified investment companies like flipKC Cash Offer can provide the sellers a smooth transaction and the peace of mind through the selling process.

FSBO (For sale by owner)

The FSBO is one of the ways that sellers can use to sell their home.  When a seller decides to do a FSBO, they will be completing all the steps needed to sale the home.   They will have to find the buyers, completed the necessary contracts and whatever arises during the process. When a seller does a FSBO, they can make more money since there are no broker commissions.  The FSBO will need to market the home which may take more time to sale.  FSBO’s don’t always have the option of using the MLS for selling the home.   FSBO has positive aspects and negative aspects.  A seller can review the FSBO option to see if it is an option when selling a home.

If a home owner is getting ready to list their home, the seller needs to review the different options they have  to sale their home. This will allow the home owner to decide what the right path is that they need to take.

Contact flipKC Cash Offer  at 1-816-913-1340 for any questions related to the our home purchase program.