When a home owner needs to paint the exterior of the house, they can follow simple steps for the exterior painting.  They will need to prepare the exterior surface to ensure the new paint will adhere to the surface and make sure that the new paint looks good for years to come.  Preparing the surface will make sure the paint lasts and protects the exterior of the home for years.

FlipKC Painters follow a step by step process to make sure that the each exterior painting job meets requirement to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied.  The exterior painting process is outlined below.

Power washing – Our painters will require the exterior siding to be clean.  The painter’s will power wash the exterior of the home removing any dirt and dust from the surface.  This is an important step that will make the new paint finish last for years.

Masking – Any window or trim that is not painted will be masked.  This step is a tedious process that takes time.  This step is an important step to make sure paint lines are straight.

Foundation  –  If the foundation needs painted, there is a special Dry lock that will water proof the foundation.  This dry lock will prevent peeling if the surface ever gets wet.

Scraping – This will need to be preformed if there is any paint that is left over after power washing is completed.

Caulking –  Caulking will be completed on areas such as windows and doors.

Primer  – Depending on the surface, the exterior will be primed with a primer to protect the exposed areas of the home that were either scraped or power washed. The exposed surfaces that are exposed need a protective primer coating to protect the area from moisture.

Painting  – Painting will be sprayed horizontally and vertically to ensure that the surface gets a full coat of paint. The trim will be sprayed evenly to ensure that the coat of paint looks good.  Garage doors and entry doors will be sprayed with a smooth finish to make sure that the finish looks good and protects the doors.

Cleanup – The painting crew will make sure to cleanup any items that were left behind. They will cleanup any masking, verify that the paint has no chips and remove any items that were used during painting.

Final Inspection – The final inspection will be completed by the customer and the lead painter. They will make sure that the job was completed to the flipKC Painter standards. Any outstanding items that are found during the final inspection will be fixed and completed.

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