Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Infestation Removal

Bed bugs are not likely dangerous, to do cause issues for home owners.   They are a type of pest that feeds on the blood of humans and pets.  They hide in the places that are not seen easily.  They Bed bugs can live anywhere. The live in behind baseboards, wallpaper in sofa, in beds and behind bed frames. When getting rid of bed bugs they can cause challenges for pest exterminator companies. Following specific steps can result in removing bed bugs

Verify That There Are Signs Of Bed Bugs

Take that necessary steps to check that the bed bugs are active. Verify that you have bed bugs instead of another pest such as flees.  Signs of bed bugs will show blood spots on pillows and sheets. A musty odder, signs of eggs, fecal matter and bed bugs skin will be in the area where bed bugs are located.  The bed bugs are small, flat, brown and oval shaped. Use lighting to check in dark areas to see if there is a presence of bed bugs.

Vacuum And Remove Clutter

If there is an infestation in the area you are checking, a thorough cleaning of the area needs to be completed.   Remove and clean up and clutter that is in the area. Vacuum the mattress, electronics, walls, carpet and dresser drawers. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly to ensure that there no reminisce of bed bugs. Make sure to throw the cleaning contents in to a plastic back that can be closed and sealed once the cleaning is completed.

Wash Linens and Clothing

Remove all clothing and linens in the infected area. Those items will need to be washed and cleaned.  Place all clothing and linen in a plastic bag before taking them out of the room. This will help in making sure that no bed bugs escape to other areas of the home. Wash all bedding, pillowcase, clothing and any fabric items at the highest temperature.  Wash items at 120 degrees to ensure the all bed bugs and eggs are eliminated.  If an item cannot be washed.  Place the item in the dry and run the dryer on the highest temperature.  Some items may not be able to be washed and cleaned.   A bed bug heat treatment process can be used to eliminate any bed bugs.  A professional bed bug exterminator can complete the process and eliminate the bed bugs. Remember bed bugs can live up to a year without a food source in items that are not cleaned.   Using the bed bug heat treatment process can eliminate the bed bugs without having an owner storing belongings in other areas for a prolong time.  Replacing items is the easiest way to get rid of the pests if it is possible.

Recheck Infected Room

The best thing to do after a detailed cleaning and bed bug heat treatment process is completed is to recheck the infected area to make sure that no bed bugs have reemerged. If they have reemerged, another bed bug heat treatment process may need to be completed. There are insecticide that can be use which may need special attention due to the areas that are infected and make people uncomfortable due to the area they are used in.  The safest way to eliminate bed bugs is to use the bed bug heat treatment removal process.  This process is environmental friendly to homeowners and pets.  There is no need for chemicals in the home.   The bed bug heat treatment removal process is cost effective way and environmental friendly way to eliminate bed bugs from any are that is infected.

Contact a professional bed bugs heat treatment exterminator to get professional pest control assistance.  A qualified bed bug heat treat exterminator will provide a detailed path to eliminate the bed bugs infestation.

A bed bug exterminator uses specialty equipment control the infestation.

  • They perform careful inspections along with non-chemical controls (heat treatments, vacuuming and steam treatments) without the use of insecticide treatments.
  • The insecticides used are commercial products requiring special equipment and training and will require the property owner to vacate the home for a period of time.
  • Pest control services use heat treatment (118°F maintained for at least 70 minutes) in target areas.
  • All stages of bed bugs are killed when this is done properly with the heat treatment process.
  • Heat treatment eliminates the infestation of the home without the use of insecticides.
  • Sometimes furniture is removed and heat treated in a container. But, it is not necessary to move or throw away your furniture or belongings, especially from an apartment or condominium.

Call a bed bug exterminator like Pest Busters Omaha to complete the bed bug removal using our bed bug heat treatment removal process.   Our bed bug heat treatment process eliminates bed bugs.